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What's in a Name? More than You Know. (Part III)

Part 3: What does your target say about your name and logo?

This is the KEY question.

There's what YOU think about it.

There's what you THINK your prospect thinks about it.

There's what your prospect ACTUALLY thinks about it.

The last point is what we're aiming for.

Without that, you may as well take your time and money and throw it out the window.

What did our client's target think about the proposed names and logos?

Ànu - "We like this most as a name. It is easy to read and easy to say. (AA-new) Plus the meaning is quite compelling as The Goddess of Prosperity."

Celitic Knot - "We like this most as a logo. I get it because I can see how my financial journey is like life, twisting and turning, not in a straight line, a journey of beginnings and endings. We prefer it flipped as a diamond and give it some depth." Colors - "We like Burgundy and Dark Green the most. It feels Celtic yet prosperous, plus it will blend nicely with your team's personal brand." Here's where we landed:

For more on how to create a strong name and logo for your business...

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