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Rose Mulroney, MA

B2B(2C) Digital Marketing & Project Manager | 773.485.4815

If your business (solo, mid-sized or enterprise), product or service line needs an overhaul, needs help expressing the true value it brings in a way that will connect with your target, it may be time to hire me. 

When people bring me into their environment, they’re pleasantly surprised to learn that I’m focused on clearly envisioning the entire perspective of their brand and business. I can picture that moment in the near future when the people in your workplace confidently own the marketing messages you are conveying, the images you’re providing, the goals you are sharing.


After all, they have to believe in all of this in order for your customer to believe it too. This is why, as a strategic-creative problem solver, I’m always driven to eradicate the status quo of your brand so that you never blend in with your competition ever again. And that’s how we get the enthusiastic vote of confidence from our most important customers. Every day.

I use my proprietary "Get to the WHY" to storytelling as a primary tool, implementing a marketing map that points to the WHY a company, product or service does what they do, how it impacts their customers, and using this why, assist your sales and marketing team by taking prospects through innovative digital, print, social, email and tradeshow/live event programs.

Whether you're going to market with a specific product or service line, tag teaming your sales with the right touch points or building your identity from the ground up, think of me as your marketing director and project manager rolled into one.

What I do for brands is:


  • Create social event and integrated marketing programs that involve not only engagement but recruitment numbers, quality of candidates as well as current employee retention for multi-million dollar companies.

  • Create and implement brand strategies and digital stories that result in industry recognition and awards.


  • Initiate online lead generation systems for companies, taking them from start-up to merger.


  • Dramatically increase revenue through online leads marketing.


  • Generate positive brand visibility and valuation through innovative, story-based customer satisfaction.

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