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Hitting Your Prospect Spot On (or Why NOT logic? Part I)

When we talk about creating a genuine connection with our audience, we utilize the Law of Connection.

The Law of Connection simply states that "When I build rapport with you, I build your trust. Likewise, when I break rapport, I break your trust."

This is important to keep in mind because although this seems like the most BASIC of laws, time and again we see our clients suggest the one thing that breaks all trust -- hitting their target audience with logic FIRST. (At which point we gasp, "Hold everything! put the logic-speak down...")

Tip: When we talk about building rapport, we need to know how our audience prefers to be communicated with, depending upon 1.) their natural communication style and 2.) the appropriateness of the communication vehicle (fancy name for marketing material).

What's the number 1 way the general population is wired? Visually.

Therefore: Being wired with a Visual Communication Style means that your prospect "big pictures" things.

Branding vehicles that naturally lend themselves to this style are well-imaged brochures, websites, presentations and videos...for example take a peek at the imagery below.

In this example, the main carousel slider of this personal injury law firm ( aims to visually appeal to their clients' specific pain area utilizing impactful (tied to emotion) full-screen imagery.

We are "painting a clear picture" to their viewer of the types of cases they help their clients address.

So, why NOT logic? why not just give me (your target) a big, long laundry list of everything you do FIRST?"

You've lost me!" responds the Visual Communicator. "Paint me a picture of how YOU can help ME first, then we can get to the logistics down the road."

What's the second most common communication style? Stay tuned.

For more on how to attract more quality leads,

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