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3 Tips To Convert Your Target into a Lead

"I have a great product/service but my clients just don't get it."

What do your BEST clients say about you when it comes to WHY they work with you? What are you hearing time and again with a new prospect when you pick up the phone?

Tip #1 Show them you "get them" (and they will close themselves).

In our example here Archer Law Group heard different concerns at different phases of business life cycle, thus we created a self-opt in 30-Second Presentation model:

"Our brochure is 'nice' but I'd like to see it entice our audience to want more from us."

When you navigate a well done website or encounter a memorable sales piece, what makes it so good? Where does your client's deepest concerns come out?

Tip #2 Get them to take the next step with you through THEIR motivation (and they will qualify themselves).

In Archer's leave-behind, we led with their clients' greatest motivators:

--"my attorney doesn't ‘get' my business"
--"I've got all these legal fees, and for what?"
--"my attorney doesn't care about my success"

"We've got a solid message on our website, but we need to beef it up to really bring it out."

What colors create the tone you're going for? What images paint the picture you want to convey?

Tip #3 Move BEYOND the written word; consider visual triggers like color and dynamic imagery (and they will think of you first).

Looking back to our example:

Orange: bold, risk-taking, extroverted
Silver: wisdom and experience, mature

That's it for today's "blooming" tips. Go forth and prosper.

For more on how to attract more quality leads,

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