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Get started with a Strategic Jam Session today.

No more random acts of marketing that waste your time and consume your budget.
Rose Mulroney

75 min. RISK-FREE! Brand JAM Session

Just need to get started? this session is about moving through your present inertia.


In the course of one session,
we'll identify:
  • WHY clients work with you

  • WHAT makes you great 

  • WHO cares the most

  • HOW that can best be infused into your Story, your Identity and your 30-Second Marketing System


Identify what makes you great from your prospect's standpoint to unleash your sales momentum.

Following the session, you'll receive:
  • 30-Second Story Direction

  • 30-Second Marketing Strategy

  • 30-Second Tactical Summary


Designed as a creative get-away (braintank office space), this is your RISK-FREE opportunity to see whether we're wired to think alike, whether we fit in both tangible and intangible ways, whether there's more steps to take toward making marketing magic together.


Tel: 773 485 5815

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