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March 25, 2016

When we talk about creating a genuine connection with our audience, we utilize the Law of Connection.


The Law of Connection simply states that "When I build rapport with you, I build your trust. Likewise, when I break rapport, I break your trust."

This is important to...

Part 3:  What does your target say about your name and logo?


This is the KEY question.


There's what YOU think about it.


There's what you THINK your prospect thinks about it.


There's what your prospect ACTUALLY thinks about it.


The last point is what we're aiming for.



Part 2: What does your team say about your name and logo?


You know your business best.


What does your sales & customer service team think?


They're the ones engaging most with your clients and prospects. What is it they hear time and again?


What do your evangelists and...

We get this question a lot, so I thought I'd address it in detail:

What's your process like to create a name and logo?


The answer is:


There are 3 parts to what makes up a strong name and logo.


Part 1: What does your attorney say?

This is good question to start with bec...

"I have a great product/service but my clients just don't get it."


What do your BEST clients say about you when it comes to WHY they work with you?  
What are you hearing time and again with a new prospect when you pick up the phone? 


Tip #1  Show them you "get th...

When we begin the conversation of how to use your marketing materials to find and flush out quality leads, the following question will typically come up:

What's your content marketing and search engine optimization process?


in which case we will typically respond:



When we work with new clients one of our primary goals is:


Let there be as few, yet crucial, conversations as possible so that we can do for you in weeks what it has taken you months (even years) to attempt without us.


Thus, we use a specific process that is much like...

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March 14, 2016

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